That was weird…

I just received a message on my answering machine from Barak Obama’s campaign.  That in itself is not weird.  In fact, that’s probably quite normal for most of you registered folks. 

The cool part is they offered to drive me to the polls or give me directions.  That’s so sweet.  Would it be wrong to take the ride, yet vote for someone else?  It better not be, otherwise it would be illegal to offer the ride, wouldn’t it?

The strange thing about this is that they called me in the first place.  See, they are calling from NH, where, admittedly, I used to live.  And I did once register there, though, to the best of my knowledge it was as an Independent. 

Somehow they tracked down my current phone number in Florida, then called me in Florida, to remind me that it is voting day.  Now, I know a lot of the volunteers aren’t necessarily from NH, but if they are resourceful enough to discover my current phone number, don’t you think they should be resourceful enough to realize that Florida is not in NH?

I’m also mildly concerned that they are able to discover my current phone number, but that’s beside the point. 

Well, I guess I’ll call them back and see about that ride to the polls.

And, for the record, yeah, I’d vote for Barak Obama.  Basically, I’ll do whatever Oprah tells me to do.

Updated:  Ok, uh, Hi all you people from Whatever.  *waves* 

Really, I thought I covered it in my summary.  :)

4 Responses to That was weird…

  1. Judy says:

    Are you registered here? I think you are supposed to notify the people in NH that you are no longer a registered voter there…even if they already know it because they got your driver’s license back.

  2. Rigel Kent says:

    Imagine the gas milage.

  3. MWT says:

    I think Whateverites are compulsive link clickers. ;) I got a nice spike over on my own blog when the zombie throbbing pony got whateveretted – and that was with routing the traffic through Shawn Powers’ blog first.

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